British battery maker announces intention to regain foothold in boating sector

British battery maker announces intention to regain foothold in boating sector

British battery maker announces intention to regain foothold in boating sector 220 124 Batteries International

August 2, 2018: DBS Leoch, the UK arm of the Chinese battery maker Leoch, has joined the British Marine Association in a bid to regain a foothold in the marine market, the company said on July 31.

Joining the boating organization — which represents any company operating in the 24-metre commercial and recreational and super yacht sector — will give DBS Leoch access to networking events, business services at government and EU level and exposure in the industry, said Tom Foy, senior regional executive of the membership team for British Marine.

“We deal with anyone and anything in the supply chain,” said Foy. “We can get members preferential rates for B2B showcases, international boat shows, give them advice on the best conditions, and a whole host of other benefits.”

DBS Leoch managing director Henry James said the move would help reinstate the company’s presence in the marine industry.

“The history of DBS Leoch goes back a long way — three generations to be precise, starting in 1979,” he told BESB. “The previous business (MBD Group) was a supplier to Fairline, Princess, Seeker and Brooms, to name but a few, in addition to aftermarket customers such as AR Peachment and Arleigh International.

“At this time we were a dominant supplier in the marine market — almost at the forefront — and it is the intention of DBS Leoch to regain this position.”

With the Chinese firm Leoch as manufacturer, DBS Leoch also acts as a distributor, representing other battery makers.

“With the manufacturing prowess of Leoch and RELiON, who we also represent, we are able to supply batteries for the marine industry from the basic standard product to the very latest lead carbon and lithium,” James said.

“There are two major developments we would like to become part of. The first is the super yacht market, offering 2V cells with lead carbon or gel tubular products, or the lithium products which are available in 24V or 48V.

“The second is the emergence of electric propulsion, in particular the inland waterways, using 48V systems in 2V or 48V lithium — this market will grow significantly in the next five years. It may also be the case that super yachts develop low-speed silent electric propulsion in the future.”

In June, BESB reported that DBS Leoch— then DBS Energy — had been awarded a contract by boatmaker Aqualine to supply it with specialist marine batteries made by the Leoch.

A Research and Markets report, Global Yacht Battery Market 2017-2021, forecast the international yacht industry would grow at an annual compound growth rate of 2.54% between 2017 and 2021.