Megapulse looks for expansion in North America

Megapulse looks for expansion in North America

Megapulse looks for expansion in North America 255 255 Batteries International

August 16, 2018: Megapulse International, an Australian firm whose products help resolve some of the problems of lead battery degradation and so extends battery life, is expanding its operations in North America.

Ross Naddei, technology director of Megapulse and the firm’s founder (pictured), told BESB it is looking to use its existing offices in North Carolina with a later view to building a manufacturing facility in the US state.

Megapulse is represented in the US by the distributor firm Colony Tires.

“Part of our future plans,” says Naddei, “is to move away from white labelling our product which we’ve had to do in the past but get our brand name as a product out there.”

Megapulse is distributed across Europe through Belgian firm Battery Supplies.

“As part of this we’d like to establish a manufacturing facility in the US so as to comply with military rules on sourcing domestic products.”

Megapulse is already a familiar name to European car manufacturing OEMs. After some seven years of testing, Volvo, the Swedish car manufacturer. took some 100,000 units of Megapulse’s products, says Naddei. Mercedes has also taken 10,000 units.

Naddei says the firm’s VEES and HD648 technology is a patented dual pulse system which … “drastically reduces battery degradation, this is important to customers because this degradation causes voltage losses in the electrical system which is the prime cause of electrical faults and failures thereby increasing down-time, unnecessary repairs, warranty claims, loss of capability all of which negatively impact the environment.

“Our technology has helped European OEM manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania and Mercedes to reduce electrical system faults from 56% down to less than 1% and at the same time increase battery life from an average of two years to seven years, keeping batteries out of the recycling loop (or land fill) up to three times longer.”

Naddei says the firm is continuing to advance its pulse technology and is preparing the release of its sixth generation of pulse products. The first was released in 1997.