Aqua Metals announces new CFO Judd Merrill

Aqua Metals announces new CFO Judd Merrill

Aqua Metals announces new CFO Judd Merrill 500 500 Batteries International

November 8, 2018: Aqua Metals, the lead battery recycling company, has appointed Judd Merrill as chief financial officer, the company announced on November 6.

Merrill is the fourth CFO in just over a year.

Merrill has a background in silver and gold mining, coming from the Nevada-based mining company Klondex Mines, where he was director of finance and accounting.

He told BESB that there were similarities in the chemical processes used in extracting metals in mining and in Aqua Metals’ Aqua Refining technology, although his focus will not be on the technical side.

“A big piece of the financial side is SEC reporting and compliance and regulations,” he told BESB. “I’ve had quite a bit of experience in that area and I’ve also had experience in public accounting firms like Deloitte and Touche.

“What’s compelling about Aqua Metals is that the science behind this technology works, it’s new and it’s green, so that’s exciting. The company is working on ways to make sure that it works economically and it’s put a lot of emphasis on that..

“With new technologies, when they come out sometimes it takes a lot of time to figure out how it works but eventually it does. Especially when there’s a need for it, and there’s a need for recycling lead and Aqua Metals has found a way to do it.”

In August 2017, Mark Weinswig took over from Thomas Murphy as CFO, who stayed on as consultant then returned to the job the following March, replacing Weinswig.

A month later, Murphy was replaced by Frank Kneuttel, who has now been replaced by Judd Merrill.