German logistics company to replace lead batteries with lithium

German logistics company to replace lead batteries with lithium

German logistics company to replace lead batteries with lithium 1024 576 Batteries International

November 22, 2018: German warehouse logistics company Dachser Intelligent Logistics has announced it is to replace the lead batteries in all 6,000 of its pallet trucks with lithium ones by 2022.

The Kempten-based transport and warehousing company, which was founded in 1930, says it will use lithium batteries and charging infrastructure by Triathlon, a German company that also makes lead-acid batteries.

André Bilz, team leader for fleet management and terminal equipment, said lithium batteries lasted three times longer and had much shorter charging times.

The technology would also obviate the need for special rooms set aside for battery charging, which meant more space in the warehouse for cargo handling, he said.

“When you factor in the savings in avoided maintenance and damage costs, since the batteries no longer have to be take out of the vehicle every day for charging, then having a lithium-ion fleet has already paid for itself today,” he said.

The company also says the switch will benefit the environment because lead is a toxic heavy metal.

“The lithium-ion batteries conserve energy and thus save some 1,600 kilograms of CO2 per vehicle per year,” the firm said.

Lithium batteries have already been introduced to the company’s Radeburg and Erlensee food logistics branches, the firm said.

ILA director of communications Hywel Jarman said: “‘Businesses must of course make decisions based on their own requirements. But lead batteries are highly environmentally friendly given that more than 99% of the battery is collected and recycled in Europe, which is not something other technologies can boast.

“And the performance of advanced lead batteries continues to improve. This, alongside their reliability, safety and price means they continue to be an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.”