ABC signs up Crown Battery as sixth bipolar licensee

ABC signs up Crown Battery as sixth bipolar licensee

ABC signs up Crown Battery as sixth bipolar licensee 225 225 Batteries International

January 31, 2019: Advanced Battery Concepts, the bipolar lead battery firm, has signed up Crown Battery as the sixth licensee to its GreenSeal bipolar technology, it confirmed on January 23.

The deal comes just a few weeks after Bulgarian company Monbat joined Johnson Controls, EnerSys, Exide Industries and Trojan Battery.

Crown Battery is based in Fremont, Ohio, US, and makes industrial and SLI lead batteries as well as a line of advanced AGM batteries.

In April 2017, president and CEO Hal Hawk made an undisclosed investment in the company.

“We are excited to increase our level of involvement with Advanced Battery Concepts and to expand Crown Battery’s investment in advanced lead battery manufacturing,” said Hawk.

“Crown Battery has worked closely with ABC’s development team for a number of years now — and the licensing rights will allow us to decide how best to use it in our market space. We believe that bi-polar lead battery technology delivers significant competitive advantages over competing battery chemistries and see many potential uses for GreenSeal technology.”

Ed Shaffer, CEO of ABC, said Hawk had long supported ABC and bipolar technology and the agreement showed a strengthening of support for the technology.

“Crown Battery’s participation in all major battery markets will provide a great boost to this technology and allow them to capitalize in new market segments,” he said. “Advanced Battery Concepts is currently in licensing discussions with several other global lead battery producers and expects to have further announcements in 2019.”