ALABC and the shape of things to come

ALABC and the shape of things to come

ALABC and the shape of things to come 324 155 Batteries International

January 31, 2019: ALABC, the organization charged with coordinating research into lead battery development, is to re-launch early this year.

The move is more than just a change of name (the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium is to be rebranded as the Consortium for Battery Innovation); the intention is to refocus the organization on the application of innovative ideas to secure commercial advantage.

The CBI says it is preparing to unveil new research plans and a programme of work promoting lead batteries for energy storage applications — a potentially huge market for the battery industry. 

Alistair Davidson, CBI director, said: “This is a significant time for us to re-launch as the Consortium for Battery Innovation. Electrification, energy storage and a raft of other policies linked to decarbonization are important factors driving decision-making in Europe, the US and Asia.

“There is a real potential for innovation to develop advanced lead batteries to meet what is set to be a huge spike in demand for this mainstay of battery energy storage technology.”

Over the year the CBI will launch a roadmap setting out for the first time specific targets for research designed to stimulate the next generation of high performing lead batteries.

A feature of the consortium will be greater collaboration with governments, leading research universities and industry, together with the introduction of more demonstration projects, demonstrating the capability of lead batteries in new applications.

“As part of its transformation CBI will have a new brand and website and will be introduced through launch events around the globe during the year, starting in China,” says Davidson.