Power Sonic opens warehouse in Reno, US

Power Sonic opens warehouse in Reno, US

Power Sonic opens warehouse in Reno, US 225 225 Batteries International

31 January 2019: Lead-acid battery company Power Sonic announced on January 18 it had opened a 4,600m2 warehouse in Reno, US, which will boost its distribution capabilities in Canada and give it a logistical advantage for incoming containers from Asia, battery division president Brian Crowe told BESB.

“After significant research, Power Sonic will focus on five specific markets for growth in our planning horizon,” he said. “Industrial automation, power sport and life safety are legacy verticals, however there is more sub vertical opportunity underneath that for growth. In addition, we will drive the medical and utilities/infrastructure verticals into the future.”

The Reno warehouse is Power Sonic’s sixth battery warehouse operation, joining its facilities in San Diego, Illinois, Miami (as a third party), the UK and France.

“Power Sonic anticipates unprecedented growth in the coming year, and this growth necessitates a large new facility. Power Sonic is dedicated to maintaining and expanding its footprint in the battery industry,” he said.

“Our growth will be driven through our significantly expanded sales presence, new vertical markets and deeper penetration of existing markets and new production introduction.”

Power Sonic’s range of batteries included sealed lead-acid, lithium iron phosphate, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride chemistries before it was taken over in January 2018 by the investment management company Blackbird Group, which announced it would venture into lithium-ion products as well.

The company also announced in January 2019 a line of Super Sport batteries, using lithium ion technology.