INDIA 2019 The Yearbook

INDIA 2019 The Yearbook

INDIA 2019 The Yearbook 150 150 Batteries International

Batteries International is producing the first of its kind — a yearbook dedicated to reporting on the state and health of  India’s battery and energy storage industry. The yearbook will be a handy and indispensable guide to a business that continues to grow in double digits each year.

Working with public and private sector officials in India, and with the help of international players, we have designed a yearbook that will be the essential handbook for the industry this year.

Key features include:

  • The development of the domestic battery market
  • Overview of the economy and its implications to energy storage
  • Brief legal guide to doing business in India
  • Lead — the changing face of batteries
  • Profiles of the top players in lead batteries and their suppliers
  • Challenges in the separator market
  • Interviews with the captains of industry
  • Secondary lead — a recycling industry on the move
  • Lead and the grid: energy storage systems
  • Testing times — the booming albeit small world
  • Lithium — all the excitement but none of the size
  • The booming world of start-ups
  • Data pages, key statistics and future projection

This is a completely unique opportunity for international companies to advertise their products and services to this rapidly expanding market and in turn, domestic Indian companies can showcase their expertise and export potential of their products and services.

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