Bitrode names Cyril Narishkin as CEO and COO

Bitrode names Cyril Narishkin as CEO and COO

Bitrode names Cyril Narishkin as CEO and COO 683 1024 Batteries International

March 14, 2019: Bitrode Corporation, the international battery testing firm, has appointed Cyril Narishkin as CEO and COO ‘to support innovation and growth in 2019’, the company announced on March 11.

Narishkin, who has acted as a consultant to the company for the past eight months, previously worked for three years at the supply chain management company Supply Velocity. He replaces Paolo Raponi, who was appointed COO and general manager at Bitrode in 2016.

“We will continue to leverage the reputation Bitrode has earned over the last 63 years of building reliable, user-friendly battery testing equipment by continuously improving the way we design, manufacture and service our machines. Some initiatives were started while I was a consultant,” Narishkin told BESB.

One of the focuses of Bitrode’s manufacturing strategies will be lean manufacturing, with an emphasis on waste minimization and adding value by reducing that which does not add value.

“Now we are deploying the lean enterprise methodology to all aspects of Bitrode with the goal of making significant further improvements in our quality and order fulfilment,” said Narishkin.

“We have already deployed four lean cells in the production area yielding significant order fulfilment and quality improvements.”

Narishkin says the company expects to see growth coming from North America and Europe this year, and while the Asia-Pacific region will still be a major part of the company’s portfolio, the region’s boom in cell development and testing has slowed down.

“We believe there will be continued and robust growth in the electric vehicle and alternative energy industries. Batteries, regardless of chemistry, are the key to the success of these industries.

“Because of government mandates, Europe and China are adopting electrification at a faster rate than the US. Regardless of geographical location, the key to success and the challenge are one and the same: can responsibly priced energy density by achieved? Lead acid manufacturers are being challenged to develop 60 Wh/kg batteries and lithium ion manufacturers are being challenged to develop sub-$100/kWh batteries.”

Craig Brunk, vice president of sales and marketing with Bitrode for three years, said: “I am excited to be part of this new team at Bitrode. We now have four senior management team members who are trained and experienced in lean methodology.

“We are challenging all areas of our business: from how we take orders, to how we design and build the testers, to how we ship orders out the door. Everything we do is about how we can serve our employees and our customers better.”

Bitrode began life in 1957 as an in-house provider of equipment to a battery manufacturer, before expanding its formation and testing equipment.

In 2008, it was taken over by Sovema, the battery production and testing equipment manufacturer.