Microporous partners Zisun to offer AGM separators as new product

Microporous partners Zisun to offer AGM separators as new product

Microporous partners Zisun to offer AGM separators as new product 200 233 Batteries International

June 6, 2019: Microporous, the lead battery separator manufacturer, announced on May 30 it had formed a partnership with the Chinese micro-glass fibre firm Zisun for the manufacturing, development and distribution of AGM battery separators.

The deal means that Microporous will be able to add AGM separators to its product portfolio.

Zisun, which is based in the central metropolis of Chongqing, is the largest fully integrated producer of micro-glass fibre in Asia, and has fully owned and controlled access to raw materials, micro-glass fibre manufacturing with both rotary and flame attenuated technologies, and state of the art fully automated wet-laid media production lines.

Its products are used in high-end applications such as air, liquid and hydraulic filtration as well as thermo isolation solutions.

Microporous, which is based in Tennessee, US, claims to be the fastest growing battery separator company in the world.

“Microporous is excited about this new co-operation, and we want to continue serving the industry with high-end products specifically suited to lead-acid batteries,” said vice president, sales and marketing Claudia Lorenzini (pictured).

“We have been looking to add AGM separators to our product portfolio for a while and finally found a really great company with Zisun. The quality of raw materials is very important for AGM separators and with Zisun having their own micro-glass fibre production and thus control of the raw materials, plus high-end micro-glass fibre and wet-laid process capabilities, it is the ideal partner for us.

“For both companies excellence in manufacturing, engineering and innovation are very important and Microporous has a great customer base for flooded lead-acid batteries worldwide who are interested in an alternative high-quality supply source.

“The partnership allows Microporous to offer an immediate and competitive source for high-end AGM separators and in the future, pasting paper as well.

“We can guarantee a completely controlled supply chain and quality with a production line dedicated to Microporous, with optional regional warehousing and slitting capability.”

Microporous was one of two firms (the other was Narada) that received ‘honourable mentions’ for its work at the BCI Innovation Awards this May.

The firm’s DCA Booster Mat was recognized for its ability to provide greater dynamic charge acceptance without the need for any change in the negative active material in the battery.