Dempwolff steps down as EUROBAT president

Dempwolff steps down as EUROBAT president

Dempwolff steps down as EUROBAT president 150 150 Batteries International

June 14, 2019: Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff and has stepped down as president of EUROBAT. This year’s annual forum in Berlin thanked him for his six years of service and welcomed his successor Marc Zoellner, CEO of battery firm Hoppecke. (See

“Dempwolff is a much admired and well liked industry figure,” said one delegate. “It’s sad to see him go and we wish him well in the future but we are expecting even greater things from Zoellner.”

 Dempwolff told BESB: “We have seen strong development across the world in technologies the need energy storage. The importance of batteries has increased and also their visibility, although unfortunately there was a lack of focus from a technology agnostic view.

“Lead batteries are still seen as ‘not the most modern’ solution, but we have been able to change the mindset in the right direction. We have had a lot of discussions with politicians, we aligned our industry organizations much better, increased the efficiency and developed a number of advocacy, political and communication campaigns to improve the situation.

“In the last six years we have seen, not just in Europe but in the rest of the world, a lot of regulatory changes that will affect the use of batteries.

Dempwolff said EUROBAT had changed its defensive approach to become more active in talking to politicians, regulators and trade associations. He says his tenure at EUROBAT has allowed him to establish a broad network of interesting industry figures.

“I think this year’s annual forum was very good,” he said. “The engagement, the quality of the presentations and speeches, the personal contacts and side conversations were outstanding. I travelled back from Berlin with a very positive feeling.”