Hammond appoints Goodearl as director, global accounts

Hammond appoints Goodearl as director, global accounts

Hammond appoints Goodearl as director, global accounts 150 150 Batteries International

July 18, 2019: Hammond Group, Inc, the international battery additives and specialist chemical company, has appointed Ray Goodearl as global sales director, the company announced on July 1.

Goodearl has more than 30 years’ experience in the battery industry, having worked as vice president of sales and marketing at Superior Battery, the US company that makes a range of lead batteries and other products such as cables and terminals.

He joined NorthStar Battery as director of national accounts in December 2014 and worked briefly as director of aftermarket, transportation, before going to Hammond.

“Hammond is a partner of the largest battery manufacturers around the world,” he said. “We are able to provide performance additives and premium components that enable them to increase battery cycle life and maybe even lower the cost of production.”

The firm says that its products are moving ever closer to being able to compete directly with lithium batteries in terms of performance.

“I will be getting the word out and continuing to support our key partners as well as talk to a large portion of battery manufacturers in China,” says Goodearl. “My focus is on working with Hammond to leverage my experience and relationships with many people globally to take our solutions forward.”

In recent years Hammond has been at the cutting edge of developing additives such as expanders, which greatly enhance the cycle life, charge acceptance and partial state of charge cycling of lead batteries.

“Even with the adoption of electric vehicles increasing I still see strong growth for lead and the markets continuing to flourish,” Goodearl said. “Adoption to electric is going to be a lot slower than you read about. For example in the US, statistics say that even if we opt for EVs by 2030 we are still going to see 70% of all vehicles being ICE.”