Hoppecke launches active carbon battery range for forklifts

Hoppecke launches active carbon battery range for forklifts

Hoppecke launches active carbon battery range for forklifts 150 150 Batteries International

August 28, 2019: German industrial battery maker Hoppecke launched a battery range on August 9 which, it says, combines active carbon and other new features to make them ideal for busy single shift forklift operations.

The batteries, called ‘trak uplift’, have been designed for industrial applications such as forklift trucks, which are in daily use and need robust power support for extreme mechanical stresses and strains.

The active carbon promotes higher current discharge characteristics, improved fast charging capabilities and increased service life for cyclic applications, the company said.

Trak uplift batteries all contain a 3D enhanced electrode with a protective shell separator to prevent mossing — deposits of free active materials accumulating on the negative electrode.

They also have a pole feed-through, a labyrinth system developed to cope with the demands of industrial forklifts.

Stuart Browne, operations director, sales and service at Hoppecke, said the batteries had reduced maintenance requirements and compared with conventional lead batteries, longer intervals between top-ups.

“This translates into longer maintenance intervals and lower operating costs,” he said. “As logistics operations contend with the challenges of boosting productivity while maximizing resources to keep costs low, Hoppecke’s aim is to make their budgets work harder with energy-efficient motive power batteries that deliver day in, day out.

“The new range represents the cutting edge of our vented lead-acid technology and is a universal, high quality, low-cost solution designed to keep a wide range of equipment operating at peak performance.”

The launch comes a year after Hoppecke Industrial Batteries won a £1 million ($1.3 million) contract to supply lead batteries to forklift truck distributor Briggs Equipment. The deal involved Hoppecke’s trak air range, a precursor to the latest launch.

The trak uplift batteries are also suitable for utility vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, lifting platforms, cleaning machines and cold storage equipment, the company said.