ENTEK announces plans to double Asian production next year

ENTEK announces plans to double Asian production next year

ENTEK announces plans to double Asian production next year 150 150 Batteries International

September 12, 2019: International separator firm ENTEK, co-sponsor of the 18ABC, announced at the conference that it intended to double capacity at its Indonesian plant next year.

The firm has been making clear its intentions to expand in Asia for years, first announcing in September 2016 that it planned to expand in the continent while remaining cautious about China.

Less than six months later, in February 2017, it had signed a deal with Indonesia-based polyethylene battery separator producer Separindo to make and sell P/E separators for flooded lead acid batteries in Asia.

At the 18ABC on September 3, ENTEK vice president for global sales Clint Beutelschies said the new plant would double its capacity to more than 90 million square metres and its floor area to 15,000 square metres, leaving room for more expansion.

“We’ll be installing one new production line that is capable of matching what the other lines can do. It’s probably the most advanced separator line in the world. It’s a beast!” said Beutelschies.

The venture in Indonesia is a joint one with the Japanese multinational NSG Group, which means the participants can all share technology and manufacturing capabilities.

“Our corporate cultures and approach to business are identically aligned,” said Masa Otsubo, NSG general manager for sales of the battery separator division.

The new upgrade will focus on P/E separators for start-stop batteries, a market that is expected to boom in Asia, particularly with the growing demand in Japan.

ENTEK is the largest manufacturer of separators for automotive batteries in the Americas and Europe but sees ‘a great growth opportunity in Asia’, Beutelschies said.