Microporous appoints Brad Reed as director of corporate development

Microporous appoints Brad Reed as director of corporate development

Microporous appoints Brad Reed as director of corporate development 150 150 Batteries International

Separator firm Microporous appointed Brad Reed as director of corporate development last month, to oversee growth in new products and markets for its lead-acid battery separators.

Reed came to Microporous from chemicals and materials firm Ingevity, where he focused on activated carbon for gasoline vapour capture in light-duty vehicles. Before that, he was executive vice president and general manager for lithium ion battery separator firm Celgard.

“In my corporate development role at Microporous, I will be focused primarily on the lead acid market,” Reed said. “Microporous’ current plans for new product technology in our core market is Absorptive Glass Mat separators for the VRLA battery market in partnership with Zisun (China) and SIFA) Italy.

“The battery separator requirements for lead acid and Li-ion batteries are very different. However, Microporous’ current strategic focus is on the lead acid battery market.

“Battery electrochemistry is very complex, and the battery performance demands change as the market demands change.

“Even though lead acid batteries were invented more than 150 years ago, new product demands such as mild hybrid technologies (start/stop, regenerative braking) are shifting market demand away from traditional flooded designs to enhanced flooded and VRLA battery designs.

“These new lead acid battery technologies, in turn, create demand for new lead acid battery separator technology.  I anticipate this market change cycle to continue, driving new battery separator requirements and technology improvements.

“‘Good’ separators are extremely important to the battery market as they are a key contributor to battery performance, such as charge/discharge rates and battery life, and battery safety,” he said.

Reed said that in the short term he would focus on the active development work associated with Microporous’ existing product lines.

“In the long term, I plan to assist with a range of strategic growth initiatives and provide process guidance to cultivate and prioritize innovative project growth initiatives,” he said.

In May, Microporous announced a ‘definitive, exclusive and immediate global partnership’ with Zisun, a Chinese technology company that specializes in micro-glass fibres and wet laid engineered micro-glass media.