Firm launches 5G radio UPS for lead or lithium

Firm launches 5G radio UPS for lead or lithium

Firm launches 5G radio UPS for lead or lithium 150 150 Batteries International

February 13, 2020: US-based Facility Solutions Group, an electrical construction and services company, has launched a UPS system for radio networks that can be installed within a day as an interim measure until utility power is connected, which can take weeks, the firm announced on February 11.

FSG’s 5G Power Pack solution is compatible with lead or lithium batteries and powers 5G small cell node equipment, which is used by wireless network operators to improve their radio network capacity by increasing the number of cell sites they operate.

Once utility power is connected, the system can be used as a long-term battery back-up solution.

“Utility power hook-ups can take weeks before energizing, which can directly impact the activation, commissioning and testing of new small cell node equipment,” said FSG Smart Buildings vice president of solutions and co-inventor Joe Hill.

“The FSG 5G Power Pack — a UPS with modular plug in, rechargeable batteries — can support both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries with run-times of up to 48 hours.

“FSG can deploy crews to recharge batteries until utility power is connected, install a generator charge port on the system to support on-site recharges, or supply telecom contractors with modular charge stations to service the 5G systems as needed.”