Craig Brunk leaves testing firm Bitrode

Craig Brunk leaves testing firm Bitrode

Craig Brunk leaves testing firm Bitrode 150 150 Batteries International

March 12, 2020: Craig Brunk, the well known and popular vice president of sales and marketing at Bitrode, left the firm in February. He has relocated from St Louis in Missouri to be near his growing family based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Brunk told Batteries International that although he had enjoyed working for Bitrode, the growing needs of his children’s children made the relocation inevitable. “My family are very important to me and my wife and we want to play a useful role helping our children and grandchildren,” he said. “I enjoyed working for Bitrode, they are a world class company.”

CEO Cyril Narishkin said: “he will be missed. He has been a pillar of our Bitrode community, setting an example of ethics and hard work. Under his four years of leadership, Bitrode saw steady revenue growth and the establishment of a new and robust sales processes.

“He also oversaw the hire and development of several new members of the sales and customer service teams.”

He received an enormous tribute from his sales team and Eli Valencia, a regional sales manager, who said: “What Craig brought to this company was an ethos of leadership and ownership. Way before I thought I’d have the opportunity to work in sales, I’d see Craig occasionally out on the floor with his sleeves rolled up doing work in production when others wouldn’t.

“Craig was someone who would never ask you to do something he wasn’t willing to do himself. Leaders lead from the front, and that is what Craig did. By doing this, he fostered a level of respect and loyalty from his subordinates that I have never seen before in my career.”

Although Brunk leaves the battery industry he remains linked to the power industry and has started work as a sales director for the Gund Company, based in Milwaukee.