Microporous unveils full operation of additional PE separator line

Microporous unveils full operation of additional PE separator line

Microporous unveils full operation of additional PE separator line 150 150 Batteries International

June 18, 2020: Microporous, the international lead battery separator firm, announced on June 10 that a new polyethylene separator line was now fully functional at its new facility in Tennessee.

“This is not just our newest but our most technically advanced lead acid battery separator manufacturing facility,” CEO Jean-Luc Koch told Batteries International. “This triples our PE separator capacity in the US.

“The quality and efficiency of the process control package are all part of our new high tech automation systems.”

In mid-2018 a major expansion of Microporous’s Tennessee plant was undertaken. This culminated in the commissioning of the facility in March 2020 and the announcement this week that the new line was fully operational. This offers a huge increase in capacity to a large swathe of the lead battery market.

This is just one aspect of a larger expansion the firm has been planning.

In May 2019 Microporous formed a partnership with the Chinese glass microfibre firm Zisun for the manufacturing, development and distribution of AGM battery separators. This will be a new addition to Microporous’ product portfolio and enable it to compete in much larger markets.

Zisun, based in Chongqing, is the largest fully integrated producer of glass micro-fibre in Asia, and has fully owned and controlled access to raw materials, glass micro-fibre manufacturing with both rotary and flame attenuated process technologies, and automated wet-laid media production lines.

Claudia Lorenzini, Microporous vice president, sales and marketing, said when the partnership was formed: “We have been looking to add AGM separators to our product portfolio for a while and finally found a great company with Zisun. The quality of raw materials is important for AGM separators.

“Zisun having its own glass micro-fibre production and thus control of the raw materials, plus high-end glass micro-fibre and wet-laid process capabilities, makes it the ideal partner for us.”

“Microporous has a great customer base for flooded lead-acid batteries worldwide and they are interested in an alternative high-quality supply source for the AGM battery market. The partnership allows Microporous to offer an immediate and competitive source for high-end AGM separators and pasting papers.”