ABC sets exhibitor record, marks further regional shift in manufacturing

17ABC — the 17th Asian Battery Conference to be held mid-September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — looks set to break all records marking yet a further shift in the global manufacturing business to Asia.

The organizers report a record number of exhibitors — some 170 in all — and already almost 800 delegates look set to be there ahead of the conference next month.

Stop-start technology, changing environmental regulations, developments in energy storage and the battle with lithium-ion batteries are just some of the topics attendees anticipate discussing at the conference.

“This is a great event where we see the worldwide lead battery business unite — from both east and west — and where we can all learn from each other,” a market veteran told BESB.

“For example, the west needs to understand how the different drivers of Asian markets work — where the price differential between quantity and quality is a huge factor in sales. By the same token many parts of the east need to adopt some of  the health and safety aspects universal in battery manufacture elsewhere.

“We don’t think we can just copy and paste from mature markets like the US or Europe! One size can’t fit all.”

Delegates and exhibitors are already talking about a show to remember.

KD Merz, vice president of technology at Abertax Technologies, says energy storage is an important feature of the event: “Asia is an important market for energy storage technology and the ABC is the best conference in this area to meet customers,” he says.

Stuart McKenzie, chief executive of ArcActive, says ABC is a great place to meet industry participants and that its greatest value to him are the side conversations he has with other delegates.