ABC signs fourth licensing agreement with Exide Industries

Advanced Battery Concepts, the bipolar battery company, has begun the new year with a fourth licensing agreement with a major battery manufacturer — this time Indian battery giant Exide Industries.

ABC’s GreenSeal technology has already been licensed to Trojan Battery, Johnson Controls and one other unnamed global manufacturer.

ABC founder and CEO Ed Shaffer says the technology simplifies lead battery manufacturing and improves performance by increasing cycle life, reducing weight and reducing charge time because of the 46% lower lead-metal content in the battery. It is also completely recyclable.

“Exide Industries becomes our fourth licensee and demonstrates our technology readiness for mass adoption by the lead battery industry,” said Shaffer. “It is an extremely exciting time for Advanced Battery Concepts with growing acceptance of our product and manufacturing technology and improved performance over conventional lead batteries.”

Exide Industries is India’s largest lead acid battery manufacturer, making a vast range of batteries that could include lithium-ion in the near future, the company said in November. It confirmed it would begin assembling lithium batteries this year, with manufacture a future possibility as demand grows with the Indian government’s decision to produce and sell only EVs by 2030.

Exide chief executive Gautam Chatterjee said ABC’s GreenSeal technology had “significant potential” to enhance battery performance and reliability in India’s higher temperature environment.

“In addition, GreenSeal technology offers improvements to our manufacturing systems with resultant benefits,” he said.