Aqua Metals CFO steps down as Murphy makes interim return

Lead battery recycling firm Aqua Metals announced its chief financial officer Mark Weinswig had stepped down on March 5, to be replaced by former CFO Thomas Murphy (pictured) in an interim appointment.

Weinswig will continue during a transition period, the company said.

Chairman and CEO Steve Clarke said: “Murphy’s familiarity with our technology, as well as our accounting and operational processes, will ensure a smooth transition as we recruit a new, full-time chief financial officer.”

Aqua Metals announced it had run one of its AquaRefining modules for 24 hours continuously with its new retrofitted design without encountering a “sticky lead” problem that had occurred last year.

The 24-hour test produced around 2.4 tonnes of Aqua Refined lead, which met the company’s objectives, the firm said.

The retrofitted model will be integrated into all of the company’s 16 modules, a statement said.

“The module achieved this output using approximately 13% less energy than its design basis, in part as a result of the modifications developed to resolve the sticky lead issue,” the company said.