BCI welcomes entries from 8 contenders for innovation awards

Eight companies have entered the Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Awards for this year’s BCI convention and PowerMart expo, which begins in just two days’ time, on April 28. It is the third year of the awards, and the winner will be announced on April 30.

The entries are:

Gridtential Energy: Further advances in its Silicon joule technology that reduces the weight of the battery with bipolar stacking construction.

Daramic: Carbon coated separator technology, reducing sulfation crystal growth, improving the conductance of the electrode

Exide Technologies: Exide subsidiary GNB Industrial Power’s new battery comes in two forms, the TENSOR high-performance battery and TENSOR xGEL maintenance-free battery

Abertax Technologies: A new one-valve battery lid for VRLA batteries to provide a more reliable and better performing lead battery

HighWater Innovations: Second time round entering its GO Battery, a spiral-wound battery designed for use in hybrid electric vehicles for a fraction of the cost of lithium and nickel equivalents

Terrapure: An invention called the LI detector, which separates lithium batteries from lead in the recycling stream

UNISEG Products: A battery transport and storage container for use in the recycling process, with better safety, efficiency, compliancy and improved data transparency

UK PowerTech: An improvement to the manufacturing process for batteries, either by fitting and maintaining connectors correctly or using its newly designed connector in the formation process.

The award celebrates innovation in equipment, processes, services and products that advance the lead battery industry, with particular attention paid to sustainability, safety, cost, performance, detail, uniqueness, value and quantifiability. It is named in honour of Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz, the late CEO and vice chairperson of East Penn Manufacturing, who died tragically in June 2014 in a running accident.