Duracell unveils new lead-acid battery citing cost benefits over lithium

Duracell, the US battery firm best known for its small alkaline batteries, unveiled a 12V AGM sealed lead-acid battery at the 2018 CES conference in Las Vegas on January 9.

The reason for choosing lead-acid over lithium was cost, according to Doug Broadhurst, senior director of marketing and product design at Battery-Biz, the sole licensed partner for manufacturing and distributing many Duracell products.

“The decision was made because we feel there is a need in the market for a high capacity unit at an aggressive price point,” he told BESB.

“Most Li-ion solutions that are close to the capacity of our unit cost twice as much.”

The battery, the PowerSource 660 — the unit has a capacity of 660Wh — would be ideal for recreational activities such as camping, said Broadhurst, as well as for emergency back-up power at home.

“It has a UPS feature that can be used to prevent equipment like computers from losing power in the event of an unexpected power outage.

“In terms of home back-up, this is not a unit that will plug in at the breaker and power an entire home, however it will keep critical appliances up and running during power outages.”

Broadhurst says the battery can be expected to last for five to 10 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

The battery will retail in the spring at an estimated price of $500. It also has an option to connect solar panels to it.