Hammond Group, Inc. hires Ho as new VP of research and development

Lead-acid battery technology firm Hammond Group, Inc. appointed electrochemist Marvin Ho, who previously worked at Trojan Battery and CSB Battery Technologies, as vice president of research and development, the firm announced on July 12.

Ho spent 13 years with Trojan Battery, where he set up an advanced material centre in Europe and the US to develop materials for energy storage technology. Before that he was project manager at CSB Battery Technologies, which changed its name to Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Company in November 2016.

Ho also works with international research institutes to develop materials for lead-acid battery. He co-owns eight patents in the field, the most recent of which, a method of making positive active material pastes for flooded deep discharge lead-acid batteries, was published at the end of last year.

Gordon Beckley, Hammond chief technical officer — who will be Ho’s new boss — was among the co-inventors, who also included Trojan Battery engineer Colin Smith and Charles Snyder.

Adding this paste greatly improved performance in batteries compared with those using conventional positive active material pastes, the inventors found.

The inventors’ other patents include a system for delivering water to a fluid electrolyte battery; a separator for a lead-acid battery; and capacitor pastes and hybrid plates, the use of which improve performance and need less overcharge to prevent electrolyte stratification.

Ho is originally from Taiwan.