Hammond Group’s lead battery laboratory wins award for innovation

Hammond Group was awarded the highest team award from the Society of Innovators on October 26 ‑ the Chanute Prize for Team Innovation.

The award was presented for Hammond’s lead-acid battery laboratory E=(LAB)2, which was created in 2015 to work with industry to improve battery charge acceptance and cycle life.

The Indiana-based Society of Innovators aims to honour creativity that changes lives and fuels economic development.

The laboratory, in Hammond in the US state of Indiana, was set up to develop advanced battery and energy storage chemistry. It also houses a high capacity performance additives production line that serves the Americas.

“We went beyond highly engineered expanders,” president Terry Murphy said. “Products such as our advanced expander line have opened up a new world of business of offering tailored solutions to our customers.”

Thanking the group’s employees for their hard work and commitment, Murphy said: “It’s been recognized in the battery community, but perhaps more importantly, now it’s been recognized in our community.”