Interstate Batteries signs exclusive deal with auto parts retailer

Interstate Batteries, the US battery brand, announced on December 12 it had formed an exclusive partnership with Advance Auto Parts, an automotive aftermarket parts retailer that has more than 4,900 outlets in the US and overseas.

The partnership, which will officially begin in spring 2018, “offers unrivalled automotive aftermarket product assortment and availability”, a company statement said.

The new deal means that Advance Auto Parts will be the only auto parts retailer to stock Interstate’s batteries ­­— and it will eventually stock them at its Carquest stores, which are independently owned, as well as its own firm’s stores.

Subsidiaries Worldpac, Autopart International and Carquest Canada will also offer Interstate products “in the future”, the statement said.

“Together with Interstate, we are positioned to increase market share in batteries and achieve growth,” said Advance Auto Parts president and CEO Tom Greco.

“Long-term strategic partnerships with our suppliers are important and this is a great example.”

The two firms say Interstate’s battery distribution network, the largest in North America, combined with Advance’s locations will mean customers are guaranteed a 99% coverage for cars, light trucks and speciality battery demand.

The firms will also work together to ensure that more than 30 million batteries are recycled every year, the equivalent of 500,000 tonnes of lead.

“This alliance places us where our professional and retail customers are making purchasing decisions, allowing Advance Auto Parets and independent Carquest stores to serve as convenient, one-stop shops to meet our customers’ needs,” said Scott Miller, president and CEO of Interstate Batteries.