Johnson Controls announces two staff changes

The world’s largest battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls, announced two new appointments to its communications and information teams in April.

Nancy Berce, formerly vice president of business and technology services with Abbott Laboratories, was appointed chief information officer on April 3, where she will replace John Repko in IT.

On April 10, the firm announced that Antonella Franzen had been appointed vice president and chief investor relations and communications officer, which also means she will become an officer of the company and report directly to chairman and CEO George Oliver.

Franzen has been working as vice president, investor relations since the 2016 merger of Johnson Controls with security firm Tyco, where she had been vice president of investor relations since 2007.

JCI, which is officially headquartered in Cork, Ireland, has recently come under the spotlight following speculation that it intends to sell off its battery business.

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