NSG Group joins Entek and Separindo to expand separator production in Asia

Battery separator firm Entek International and its Asian partner Separindo confirmed on July 13 it had reached an agreement with the Japanese glass company NSG Group to expand production in Asia to “generate a synergy in manufacturing, research and development”, promising new products to come.

The joint venture will focus on separators for start-stop batteries, the market for which is expected to boom in Asia along with increasing concerns by governments over CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency.

Christophe Thuet, vice president Asia Pacific, Entek told BESB that the partnership of three had been formed on the confidence that the lead-acid battery industry would grow, including in start-stop technology.

“The current worldwide car park continues to grow and demand both OE and replacement batteries,” said Thuet. “We are seeing steady growth at our customers and need to grow with them to meet their needs. In addition, most electric and electric-hybrid vehicles still require a lead-acid battery.

“Start-stop technology is growing not only in Asia, but worldwide.  As governments around the world adopt policies to drive down emissions, the auto manufacturers are meeting the challenge of these new regulations in a number of ways.  One way that they are able to meet new regulatory challenges is to convert to start-stop technology.”

NSG makes PE separators as well as AGM or absorptive glass mat separators. Typically, these batteries are used in high-end start-stop, marine, and industrial applications.

“While AGM is not part of our joint venture, we look forward to a long-term partnership with NSG where together we will be able to focus on new technologies for the lead acid battery applications,” said Thuet.

Entek certainly appears to be delivering on a pledge made at the 2015 Asian Battery Conference in Bangkok to expand the company’s footprint in Asia, first signing an agreement with Indonesia-based Separindo and now adding NSG Group to the business.

“The joint venture will give each Entek, NSG and Separindo access to additional production capacity to serve the growing customer needs. In addition, Entek and NSG will be able to provide excellent customer service and high quality products from the joint venture,” said Thuet.