Superior Battery marks quality with IATF certification

US lead battery manufacturer Superior Battery has qualified for the International Automotive Task Force standard, the company announced on April 10, calling the certification a “significant milestone in our manufacturing process”.

Superior, which is based in Kentucky, makes flooded lead batteries for automobiles.

The IATF is made up of vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, Renault, General Motors and Ford, as well as trade associations.

It was set up ‘to develop a consensus regarding international fundamental quality system requirements, primarily for the participating companies’ direct suppliers of production materials, product or service parts or finishing services’ and to ensure consistency of quality among its members.

Obtaining the qualification was a 12-month process, said Joe Gosser, director of quality assurance at Superior Battery.

“Implementing the new IATF 16949 quality standard has been the most intensive project to date. Before our official certification audit in January it required 12 months of transition and many hours of internal compliance auditing to the new IATF standard,” said Gosser.

“But it was worth the effort. Superior Battery can move forward with confidence that our quality management system meets the requirements of the most demanding quality standards in the automotive industry.”