TBS Engineering to move into purpose-built facility

TBS Engineering, the UK-based lead-acid battery machinery maker, is expanding its operations with a new purpose-built facility in Gloucestershire costing £15 million ($19.6 million).

Sales director Mark Gardiner said the new 100,000 sq ft facility, which will become operational in spring 2018, will give it greater capacity and increased efficiency.

“We have a strong order book going into next year and we don’t see any reason to worry that there will be any change in the near term,” Gardiner told BESB.

TBS customers include East Penn, Johnson Controls and Trojan Battery.

“The energy storage market is constantly exploring a variety of avenues for lead-acid, be they in reserve, automotive or standby power,” said Gardiner.

“People are looking at load levelling in the grid and more renewable energy — there are plenty of applications where power storage is going to be critical, and that won’t just be with the one chemistry.”

The new facility will be the global head office for TBS Engineering, which marks its 50th anniversary this year.

“Our investment in the new facility will support our growth and expansion plans,” said TBS managing director David Longney.

The company, which specializes in plate manufacturing equipment such as rotary expander lines, multi alloy casters and continuous paste-mixing systems, is part of Berkshire Hathaway, the US conglomerate headed up by billionaire Warren Buffett.