Trojan Battery hires Ivan Menjak as global product solutions director

Trojan Battery, the deep-cycle flooded AGM and gel battery manufacturer, announced on March 28 that it had appointed Ivan Menjak as director of global product solutions.

Menjak was previously a consultant for his own firm Alpha Concept Solutions.

From June 2013 to September 2015 he was senior director of business development and strategic marketing at Energy Power Systems, a lead acid battery technology developer.

Before that he worked for A123 Systems, the lithium battery manufacturer, for five years where he was latterly vice president of corporate business development. Before that he spent five years with Cobasys, the nickel metal hydride battery firm.

“He has an impressive deep knowledge of multiple battery technologies,” said senior vice president of global market development Bryan Godber.

“His focus will be on helping us expand the Trojan brand beyond our current product portfolio as we aim to become the innovation leader in our space,”

The appointment of Menjak would fit in well with the business strategy Jeff Elder, Trojan’s CEO, told Batteries International in an interview in 2014. “By 2025 I expect that Trojan will clearly be identified as a global energy storage solutions company, not just a battery company,” he said.

Elder said at the time that the future business development of the firm was set to change following the decision in 2013 by the Godber family to sell off some of its shareholding to private equity firm Charlesbank.

“The recent partnership with Charlesbank through its majority share investment in Trojan is opening up even more opportunities for us to expand globally into new markets such as renewable energy, remote telecom and transportation, as well as into new geographies including India, southeast Asia and Africa,” he said.

“It is exciting to see a business that started as a battery repair shop turn into a global energy storage solutions provider.”

Trojan Battery prides itself on having built the first lead acid battery for golf carts in 1952. The firm’s deep-cycle batteries are also used in aerial work platforms, ground support equipment at airports, floor-cleaners and utility vehicles and also in the marine, material handling and oil, gas and renewable energy industries.