Trojan Battery named Smarter E award finalist for rural microgrid projects

Trojan Battery, the manufacturer of a battery range called Deep-Cycle Solar AGM, has been named a finalist in the Intersolar Europe Smarter E Award for its microgrid project in Tanzania, the company announced on May 3.

The project was carried out with rural utility company Rafiki Power to provide a remote microgrid for the village of Ololosokwan, where 70 households and businesses now have access to electricity thanks to Rafiki’s container-based solar panels and Trojan’s Solar AGM range of batteries.

All installation costs were paid for by Rafiki Power, Trojan confirmed.

Some power recipients had never before had access to electricity.

Germany based Rafiki Power says this is the eighth microgrid it has installed in Tanzania, which means 950 households and businesses now have access to the local grid.

Trojan Power has been involved with a string of similar projects in remote regions including Nicaragua, Mexico, Nepal, Colombia, Haiti and Kenya.

When its batteries were launched a year ago, director of new market development Ganesh Balasubramanian said the line had been designed from the ground up and optimized for applications where batteries needed to be charged and discharged on a daily basis.

“Trojan is proud that our batteries have made such a significant impact on the lives of the residents and have made it possible to establish successful local businesses,” said Michael Grundke, general manager of EMEA for Trojan Battery.

Trojan Battery confirmed to BESB that the company would continue to develop its projects in rural areas with its Solar AGM range, and that many projects were supported with Solar flooded lines as well.

The winner of the Smarter E Award will be announced at Intersolar Europe on June 20 in Munich.