Trojan expands support for GRID Alternatives in Nicaragua

Deep-cycle battery manufacturer Trojan Battery has pledged more support for the GRID Alternatives programme, which helps communities in countries where electricity services are unreliable, the firm announced on March 19.

Trojan says it will provide flooded, AGM and gel batteries as needed based on project installations in Nicaragua, Mexico and Nepal, and is planning to send a team of volunteers to Nicaragua to install a solar system there for a women’s coffee co-operative.

Last year, Trojan sent a team to install an off-grid solar system for a school and health clinic in Nicaragua.

Its True Deep-Cycle AGM Solar batteries were launched at the Intersolar Europe conference in May 2017. They were specifically engineered for deep-cycle applications and honed for solar applications with the capability of operating within a wide temperature range, making them ideal for harsher and more demanding environments, the company said, and without the need for watering.

Oakland, California-based GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization that organizes various groups to install solar power and energy efficiency for low-income and remote communities.

It has already installed 166 systems in 34 communities, including one in Sindhupalchok, Nepal, where a 16kW solar microgrid with battery bank and inverters were connected to supply each house with electricity in 2016.

The batteries in this case were Trojan’s industrial batteries, which the company imported into Nepal “because of their high quality”, said Jenean Smith, director of international programs with GRID Alternatives. The project was funded by individual donations and travellers who paid fees to travel to Nepal with them.

“We are working on another microgrid in Nepal that we will install this October that is funded by a corporate sponsor,” she said.

“One of Trojan’s corporate core values is to help provide energy access to off-grid communities in the US and abroad,” said Bryan Godber, senior vice president of global market development.