Energy Storage World Forum

Energy Storage World Forum

Energy Storage World Forum 800 533 Batteries International

Date: May 10 – 12, 2022

Exploring new and innovative regulatory frameworks have long been a topic of discussion in the energy storage world – it’s a programme topic in this year’s Energy Storage World Forum. But while regulations fail to keep pace with new advances in the sector, how much is this holding back the adoption of energy storage technologies?


Organiser: Dufresne

Dufresne (doo – frayn) Research specialises in creating high quality market driven conferences and training.

The company focuses on stationary Energy Storage across all applications from Residential, Self – Consumption and Microgrid through to large scale stationary storage.

We are Europe’s first conference dedicated solely to energy storage since 2010. All of our Forum’s culminate with the unique Building the Action Plan feature.