Automotive Lightweight Materials 2020

Automotive Lightweight Materials 2020

Automotive Lightweight Materials 2020 800 533 Batteries International

Date: October 14 – 15, 2020

Automotive Lightweight Materials Europe 2020 Exhibition and Conference  is where innovators in lightweight materials will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Stuttgart, Germany to explore the latest techniques and innovations in lightweight materials development for the automotive industry.

To increase cost-effectiveness, efficiency, safety and performance and to compete with global automotive manufacturers, there is an urgent need to develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies that allow reduction in vehicle weight by using lightweight materials such as high-strength steel, magnesium, aluminium, and polymer composites to help OEMs create the next generation of lightweight vehicles aligning with new regulatory standards on safety, emissions and performance.

Experts will throw light on the advanced techniques, trends and strategies in the lightweight automotive industry, advanced adhesives and their application for joining dissimilar materials and facilitate interaction with top automotive experts, service providers and leaders in various specializations.


Venue: Stuttgart, Germany

Organiser: IQ HUB