CUSTOMCELLS® Hands-on lithium-ion battery seminar

CUSTOMCELLS® Hands-on lithium-ion battery seminar

CUSTOMCELLS® Hands-on lithium-ion battery seminar 800 533 Batteries International

Date: Rescheduled for December 2021 — Date TBC

From state of the art to future technologies. Limited number of participants.

The CUSTOMCELLS® Seminar focuses on the industrial production of lithium-ion cells. In practical modules, starting with the raw materials, slurry and electrodes, through the production of pouch cells to electrochemical characterization, the cell design is carried out in a practical manner. The lecture program provides insights into the latest technology trends on the material, machine and processing side. Including All Solid State – speaker Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek – University of Gießen. The battery seminar takes place in Itzehoe / Germany – at the Fraunhofer ISIT as R&D partner of CUSTOMCELLS®. The practical part will take place at CUSTOMCELLS® itself.


– Practical exercises for all production steps in the manufacture of Lithium-Ion battery cells

  • Accompanying lectures on the topics of practice, technology, processes, machines and the market
  • Up-to-date information on the latest technology trends


Practical units: Slurry preparation – material handling – coating process – cell assembly – electrolyte filling – sealing – forming process – cell characterization.

Lectures: Technology Overview – Active Materials – Electrode Characterization – Battery Adaptation – System Layout – All Solid State – Extrusion.

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CUSTOMCELLS® is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of special lithium-ion battery cells. At its sites in Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein – Germany) and Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg – Germany), CUSTOMCELLS® – Made in Germany – develops and produces application-specific battery cells from prototypes to small and medium series. On the basis of flexible manufacturing concepts and state-of-the-art research and production facilities, CUSTOMCELLS® guarantees high-tech solutions for special applications and tailor-made development and production of electrodes, electrolytes, battery cells and battery modules, depending on the customer’s requirements profile.

CUSTOMCELLS® offers a comprehensive range of workshops and seminars. Irrespective of your level of knowledge, we offer you information modules tailored to your needs in order to specifically build up or deepen your know-how with regard to battery cell technology and production. Our practical training courses give you the opportunity to adapt our knowledge and incorporate it into your projects in a targeted manner. Take advantage of our flexible and individually bookable PRODUCTION INSIGHTS WORKSHOP or take part in our regular HANDS ON-BATTERY SEMINAR.