Daramic EFB innovations featured in private Toyota HQ exhibition

Daramic EFB innovations featured in private Toyota HQ exhibition

Daramic EFB innovations featured in private Toyota HQ exhibition Batteries International

December 14, 2017: Daramic, the lead-acid battery separator manufacturer, gave its first private two-day presentation to the Japanese car giant Toyota on November 28-29.

Daramic presented its new enhanced flooded separators, which it says can fulfill Toyota’s EFB/start-stop needs.

Its parent company, Asahi Kasei, also exhibited more than 50 of its automotive components, including interior and exterior electronics, battery components, interactive displays and a new concept car, the AKXY.

“It is the first time Daramic has had a private exhibition with Toyota, which shows the successful engagement that the lead-acid battery industry can have with Toyota,” said Dawn Heng, director of global marketing for Daramic.

“We are honoured to share the breadth of automotive solutions, including Daramic’s enhanced flooded separator solutions, while engaging in discussions with Toyota employees from different functions to understand their focus, pain points and unmet needs for automotive battery and electronic systems.”

The showcase was the third major global OEM summit in 2017 from Daramic.

“As electrification continues to play an important role in automotive ecosystems, it is important to understand not only the battery needs, but the overall system needs,” said Heng.

“For example, the battery management system and other electric components require much more interaction with the battery than ever before. It’s only through understanding ecosystem needs completely that we can engage with auto manufacturers to develop solutions in a systematic manner.

“Asahi Kasei, with its breadth of automotive solutions, has positioned Daramic and its sister companies to deliver solutions that meet automotive manufacturer electrification requirements.”

Asahi Kasei Group companies Daramic, Celgard and Hipore are among the world’s largest providers of lead acid and lithium-ion separators and are collaborating with Asahi Kasei Automotive to provide a full suite of electrification products for the automotive market.