Leoch buys 100% of UK partner DBS Leoch

Leoch buys 100% of UK partner DBS Leoch

Leoch buys 100% of UK partner DBS Leoch 150 150 Batteries International

May 7, 2020: Chinese lead battery manufacturer Leoch has bought the UK battery distribution firm DBS Leoch in its entirety, the firm announced in March. The companies already had a partnership that began in January 2018, when the Chinese giant — which is the fourth or fifth largest lead battery maker in China — made an undisclosed investment in what was then called DBS Energy.

The UK firm, which had been distributing Leoch batteries to the UK market for seven years, then changed its name to DBS Leoch. It is now called Leoch Battery UK.
“This agreement will enable Leoch to significantly grow its battery business from the industrial and leisure sectors in the UK,” the company said.

“Our further investment in Leoch Battery UK will allow us to increase our penetration in the UK market and provide more added value services to our clients in the region,” said Fred Hapiak, president of Leoch International Holding.

In November, one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of industrial cleaning machines, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, agreed to use Leoch’s Superior Lead Carbon AGM batteries in all of its equipment at 26,250 sites in the UK.

The SCLA batteries were selected because they were found to retain their performance levels where other batteries dropped off to around 80% of capacity within four months’ use, ICE’s operations manager James Boyland said.

Leoch Battery UK is to launch a range of lithium batteries later this year.