East Penn Canada wins award with Terrapure for closed-loop battery recycling

East Penn Canada wins award with Terrapure for closed-loop battery recycling

East Penn Canada wins award with Terrapure for closed-loop battery recycling 150 150 Batteries International

July 30, 2020: East Penn Manufacturing’s Canadian branch has won an award with Terrapure Environmental for their ‘closed-loop, circular-economy approach to lead battery recycling’, East Penn said on July 21.

Publishing and events organizer Environment + Energy Leader gave the award in its Project of the Year category, which it announces annually along with its Product of the Year prize.

East Penn collects spent batteries from its customers and ships them to Terrapure, in Ontario, which breaks them down, processes and refines the lead according to East Penn specifications, then returns it to the battery maker’s facility in Pennsylvania to be used in new batteries.

“Not only does Terrapure’s recycling process provide a circular economy solution for a portion of East Penn’s lead batteries, it also takes 60% less energy to produce recycled lead, helping to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Mike Bouchard, East Penn Canada president.

“Building a closed-loop circular economy system is a significant challenge and expense,” said one of the judges. “It’s great to see an investment that will impact a broad sector, since lead batteries are used in so many products, both consumer-focused and manufacturing/industrial.

“The entry provides multiple environmental management results, including preventing waste and promoting reuse, reduced energy consumption for production, and reduced waste to landfill.”

East Penn unveiled a website on July 27 to demonstrate the benefits of its Deka Fahrenheit battery system, which it has designed for data centres.

The company says its new microsite, www.dekafahrenheit.com, gives the technical viewpoint together with detailed cost analysis over a 15-year period for a 1MW system, and proves its capability is at least on par with lithium systems.

“As lithium technology and other chemistries are being deployed in reserve power applications a lot of questions remain especially specific to safety, sustainability, actual field performance and end-of-life costs,” said Mark Wels, vice-president for sales and reserve power.

“Our Deka Fahrenheit microsite clearly demonstrates how this lead-based product family has the proven results to excel in all of those critical parameters while providing the lowest TCO.”