Lead battery maker Leoch launches lithium range in the UK

Lead battery maker Leoch launches lithium range in the UK

Lead battery maker Leoch launches lithium range in the UK 150 150 Batteries International

August 27. 2020: Chinese lead battery giant Leoch on August 24 announced the UK launch of Leoch Lithium, a range of lithium iron phosphate batteries for network power, signalling and mobile energy, solar and renewables back-up, motive power, EVs, marine, golf cart and materials handling applications.

“The big buzz in batteries is lithium-ion technology and lithium batteries are now a common source of power in many leisure and industrial applications.”

The new LFeLi series of batteries are available in both 12V and 24V and, the firm says, surpass lead battery performance levels in depth of discharge and weight.

Leoch is the fourth or fifth largest lead-acid battery maker in China, but with the growing presence of lithium-ion batteries the company has joined many traditional lead battery firms in taking on the technology itself.

“For Leoch, we will be a company of two arms – lead and lithium,” says Dong Li, founder and CEO of the firm. “Lead will take the major part, and at the moment we are not interested in other chemistries as they are more niche.”

Dong Li has a lot of faith in Gridtential’s bipolar technology, in which he has invested and says he will aim to commercialize in China in EV, hybrid and data centre applications.

“The next 15 to 20 years will be about 48V bipolar batteries for hybrid vehicles, starter batteries, motive and network applications,” he said to Batteries International in October.

Leoch is headquartered in the southern city of Shenzhen, with sales offices across Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Chairman Dong Li will be speaking at the online European Lead Battery Conference in September.