Daramic marks 2020 with 90th anniversary celebration

Daramic marks 2020 with 90th anniversary celebration

Daramic marks 2020 with 90th anniversary celebration 150 150 Batteries International

December 18, 2020: As the curtain begins to lower on what for most has been a pretty awful year, international battery separator firm Daramic at least has some cheerful news to share — its 90th anniversary. Since the ground was broken on a state-of-the-art rubber separator plant by the Dewey & Almy Corporation in 1930, the firm hasn’t stopped reinventing and expanding its operations. And almost a century later, it’s still going strong.

Celebrating its 90th year in operation, Daramic has embraced a culture of innovation.

With the invention of the polyethylene separator in the 1970s, expanding its global footprint through 1980s to 2000, and launching a host of new lead-acid battery separator solutions over the past five years, Daramic continues to reinvent the PE membrane.

In 1930, Dewey & Almy Corporation broke ground on a state-of-the-art rubber separator plant in the US to mark the beginning of Daramic, LLC. With just 10 years to go before a century of innovation, Daramic materials have been instrumental in supporting battery technologies used to save lives, promote peace, and keep the world in motion.

Daramic’s culture of innovation, new product development, and deep understanding of customer needs has been shaped by key events over the past 90 years.

In 1969, Daramic invented the polyethylene separator in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. This novel technology set a new standard for separator performance, the core of which is still used today.

Recognizing the broad footprint of lead acid battery manufacturers, Daramic expanded its own footprint in the 1980s when it opened its first European facilities in Germany and France.

This was followed by the Thailand plant opening in 2000, and then plants in China and India, making Daramic the only separator company with manufacturing in every major region. This means Daramic is in a position to meet local needs from a global perspective.

As we celebrate our heritage and 90 years in business, we continue the spirit of entrepreneurialism through our company vision, “Battery Separators Reinvented”, to deliver upon this promise through a deep understanding of customer needs and a capable, global manufacturing footprint.

Daramic is well positioned to maintain industry leadership over the next 90 years.