Doe Run promotes Bart Stoessel to marketing manager

Doe Run promotes Bart Stoessel to marketing manager

Doe Run promotes Bart Stoessel to marketing manager 150 150 Batteries International

January 28, 2021: Lead concentrates producer and battery recycler Doe Run has promoted Bart Stoessel to marketing manager, the company announced on January 25.

Stoessel, who has been with the company for eight years, will manage the sales and marketing of lead, zinc and copper concentrates as well as providing the firm with intelligence on the global concentrates market.

“I have had two good mentors at Doe Run these last eight years, in both my past supervisor John Likarish and my current boss, Jose Hansen. Combined, they have brought over 50 years of experience to Doe Run and helped me understand the concentrate market, the lead business, and specifically the value that Doe Run’s high-purity lead concentrates bring to the market,” says Stoessel.

“We have made many trips to China to develop direct relationships with smelters there, as well as meeting and developing relationships with smelter customers and trading companies around the world. In my new role I hope to bring my operating and quality experience from past roles to contribute to this new position at Doe Run.”

Stoessel says there is work to do to improve lead’s reputation — because while those within the sector know this, the industry ‘could do a better job of sharing this information’.

“There is always a concern for any industry that a replacement technology will disrupt the market,” he says. “However, a recent survey reported that global battery demand is estimated to grow % over the next decade, so it seems that depending on the application there will be a place for both lead and other battery technologies.

“For example, full electric vehicles may be well suited for large cities but may not be ideal for places like the US, where drivers have different driving preferences.

“Start-stop technologies, which are widely adopted in Europe and becoming so in the US, are estimated to eliminate two million tons of vehicle greenhouse gas emissions annually in the US by utilizing lead batteries.

“Lead has a major role to play in the green economy.”