KiloVault launches new range of AGM solar batteries

KiloVault launches new range of AGM solar batteries

KiloVault launches new range of AGM solar batteries 150 150 Batteries International

March 25, 2021: Massachusetts, US-based battery firm KiloVault on March 12 unveiled an advanced lead carbon deep cycle battery to store solar energy for smart grids, micro grids and power supply systems.

The 2V 1000 XLC is being promoted for back-up applications that require larger energy storage, says the firm, and it is maintenance free, charges quickly and has specifically been designed for partial state-of-charge operations.

“Our customers were looking for an AGM option for high-capacity energy demands at an affordable price that was designed for longer life,” said product manager Andrea Belford.

“Most of the system requests were for 48V applications. 24 XLCs would have a useable capacity of about 25kWh, which is ideal for the most demanding energy needs, especially during an outage or emergency back-up situation.”

The launch comes less than a month after the company unveiled an HABTM series of wall-mounted energy storage systems with lithium iron phosphate batteries for storing solar energy, and two months after another range of deep-cycle lithium batteries for marine and leisure applications.

“Lead-acid batteries degrade more with each cycle than do lithium products,” says Jay Galasso, vice president for sales & marketing. “In typical AGM-type lead-acid batteries, they may be rated for only 500 cycles when discharged to 50%. By contrast, the advanced carbon formulation in the KiloVault PLC and XLC are rated for 2,500 cycles at 50% discharge.

“Lead-acid batteries are lower in cost for the same voltage and capacity, but do not last for many cycles. Lithium batteries can last for 10,000 or more cycles when discharged to 50% or less for each cycle.”