Yuasa UK launches seven new EFBs for marine and leisure

Yuasa UK launches seven new EFBs for marine and leisure

Yuasa UK launches seven new EFBs for marine and leisure 150 150 Batteries International

March 25, 2021: GS Yuasa, the Japanese battery manufacturer, said on March 22 it had added seven new enhanced flooded batteries to its expanding portfolio of lead batteries.

Under the UK brand name Yuasa, the company now offers two entirely new ranges of EFBs — the YBX Active Marine Dual and the Active Leisure & Marine Dual Purpose.

It has also added a new EFB to the YBX Active Leisure and Marine range.

“The Yuasa Active Marine Dual EFB range has been developed to meet the specific demands of marine starting and auxiliary power requirements,” says the firm.

“The EFB types are constructed precisely for this dual use and provide greater endurance, more available cycles and faster charging, and are designed to handle the rigours of wave pounding and trailer transport, deliver reliable starting power and incorporate design and safety features.”

High starting power is needed in applications such as boats, trailers and horseboxes, the firm says.

The new L31-EFB has been designed for motor homes and caravans, with 225 cycles.

Marketing and product manager James Douglas, said: “The launch of these batteries significantly increases our coverage of leisure and marine uses.”

Although GS Yuasa has added lithium-ion batteries to its product offering, it remains committed to lead-acid battery technology, having made batteries since the early 1900s under the name ‘GS’.

In 2004, GS merged with Yuasa, a company that had been formed in 1913 by Shichizaemon Yuasa, and the GS Yuasa Corporation was established.

Yuasa Battery UK was set up 40 years ago.