Exide unveils new-look, carbon-cutting batteries

Exide unveils new-look, carbon-cutting batteries

Exide unveils new-look, carbon-cutting batteries 150 150 Batteries International

May 6, 2021: Exide Technologies, the Europe-based lead-acid battery maker, unveiled a new design of its Premium battery on May 4, which it says will cut carbon emissions and water use, as well as speed up recharging.

The new design will also be introduced across the rest of Exide’s conventional batteries, the company says.

One of the key selling points of the new batteries is that their boxes and lids are made from recycled plastic as opposed to virgin plastic, which is where the emissions and water are saved.

Using data from the plastic manufacturing industry and various independent university studies, Exide has calculated that this will lead to savings of 2,700 tons of CO2, eight million litres of water and 1.2 million litres of crude oil in Exide’s manufacturing each year.

Another feature of the new Premium batteries is its Carbon Boost formula, which Guido Scanagatta – Senior Product Manager EMEA, describes as “a proprietary recipe for the optimal mix and application of different types and proportions of carbon additives to the negative active mass to provide the best possible result for the performance of our batteries”.

“We have been working with these carbon additives and validated their effects through testing (cycling, charge acceptance, chargeability, etc) for 10+ years and have vast R&D experience in this field,” Scanagatta says.

Production of the new design began in April, and the first deliveries have already reached customers, he says, adding that it will take time for old stock to be fully replaced throughout the supply chain.

Exide has two R&D facilities, nine production locations and three recycling plants in Europe.