19ABC to go virtual in November, 7ISLC in September

19ABC to go virtual in November, 7ISLC in September

19ABC to go virtual in November, 7ISLC in September 150 150 Batteries International

June 3, 2021: The 19th Asian Battery Conference planned for Kuching, Malaysia on November 2-5 is to go ahead as a virtual event, the organizers said on May 27.

The 7th International Secondary Lead Conference — normally co-anchored with the ABC — will also be a virtual event, but held on September 2-3.

Mark Stevenson, chairman of both events, told Batteries International: “We’d been optimistic that moving 19ABC from September to November 2021 would enable us to host the physical event we all know and love attending, but concerns for the safety of our delegates have forced us to reconsider.

“With the continuing pandemic, closure of many international borders, and the enormous disruption to travel have increased those concerns for the welfare of our delegates.”

Mark Richardson, the other conference organizer, said: “In true ABC style the virtual event will be delivered in a unique and creative format. It’ll allow our partners, speakers and attendees to engage with each other while we continue to provide the great content, speakers and networking delegates have come to expect.

“Although delivered in a different way, the focus will still be on providing technical, educational and marketing insights into the industry.

“Do expect some surprises of the less familiar as we ramp up the tech-and-creative to maximize our partner and attendee experience for these events.”

The conferences are held every two years. The next ones —  8ISLC and  20ABC — will be held back-to-back in Kuching, Malaysia in September 2023.