Felicidades Francisco!

Felicidades Francisco!

Felicidades Francisco! 150 150 Batteries International


June 17, 2021: Francisco Trinidad was named as the 28th member of the Alpha Beta Society during a zoom session at this year’s LABAT conference in early June.

Trinidad has an impeccable history in the lead battery industry. After leaving Madrid with a PhD in electrochemistry in 1977 he joined Tudor Group, first as a research engineer, then research manager and finally as a regional director for European industrial development.

In 1994, when Tudor Group was swallowed up by Exide, he became director for research and development for the firm and when he retired in January 2020 he was director for battery technology.

The Alpha Beta Society said that membership was recognition of “43 years of experience with lead acid batteries, authorship of 24 articles, more than 65 presentations in battery conferences and 14 international patents. For decades he has engaged in collaborations with universities and research communities.

“He is currently working as an independent adviser to promote new technology approaches for automotive and industrial batteries. He is expected to have a very active role in the lead battery community beyond retirement.”

The Alpha-Beta Society was co-founded by Ernst Voss (Varta) and David Rand (CSIRO) in 1989 at the first LABAT conference in Bulgaria.

Typically the society appoints one new member a year. In recent years Geno Papazov, Boris Monahov, Jun Furukuwa, Eckhard Karden and Allan Cooper have been added to its ranks.