Hammond wins BCI innovation award for second time

Hammond wins BCI innovation award for second time

Hammond wins BCI innovation award for second time 150 150 Batteries International

September 24, 2021:  Hammond Group won the 2021 BCI Innovation Award on September 23 for the development of a lead silicate additive that reduces acid stratification and so extends battery life.

The award ceremony took place on the first full day of the BCI annual convention and power mart which was held this year in San Diego, California.

Acid stratification has been a known issue that affects battery life, especially for batteries under heavy cycling or PSoC cycling applications. The increased concentration of sulfuric acid at the lower portions of the battery active material plates promotes the formation of a surface layer of passive lead sulfate and reduces plate activation.

Stratification produces inflated open circuit voltage measurements, reduced battery performance and unequal charge across the plates, each of which can lead to reduced battery life.

Hammond’s additive to the electrolyte — a patent for which is pending — integrates with the lead oxide plate structure significantly increasing surface area. These effectively act as micro-sponges trapping the acid electrolyte and slow its release during charging.

By reducing the rate of electrolyte outflow, the acid density gradient is minimized — the battery cycle life and performance is increased.

“The award was established in 2016 to remember industry thought leader, Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz, former CEO of East Penn Manufacturing,” said BCI. She died in 2014.

Terry Murphy, chief executive of Hammond, said: “It’s with great pride and fondness that we remember Sally again and her contribution to the industry. We are honoured to once more be recognized for our commitment to the lead battery business and to enhancing this technology for advanced energy storage,”

“We’re committed to this industry as a specialty chemical company and look forward to continuing to work with the industry in our combined efforts to continue to improve the most sustainable energy storage technology on the planet — lead batteries.”

Abertax received an honourable mention for its submission. Nine firms initially applied for the award but one later dropped out.

Roger Miksad, executive vice president of BCI said: “We continue to be impressed with the innovations companies are creating to move the lead battery industry forward and we are eager to see the impact these advancements will have.”