Women in Batteries Group launched at BCI 2021

Women in Batteries Group launched at BCI 2021

Women in Batteries Group launched at BCI 2021 150 150 Batteries International

September 24, 2021: A new women’s group aiming to promote and support the professional development of women in the battery industry was officially launched today at the BCI convention in San Diego.

In a sector where women are traditionally few and far between, the Women in the Global Battery Industry group aims to ‘help women further their own careers as well as help to further their companies’ goals by relationship building within the industry’.

MAC Engineering chairwoman Julie McClure will chair the group. Membership is open to all in the industry.

Spearheading the formation of the group was a steering committee of women well known in the industry, including Virginia Archibald, Surrette Battery; Melissa Floyd, Stryten Energy; Claudia Lorenzini, Microporous; Ellen Maxey, Clarios; Maria Roma, Advanced Battery Concepts; Sheila Ryles, Teck Metals; Donna Snyder, East Penn Manufacturing; Tammy Stankey, The Doe Run Company; Emma Thacker, EnerSys; and Pam O’Brien, BCI.

Julie McClure said: “As a second generation professional in the battery industry, I know how valuable relationships are in building leadership skills to serve in executive positions within the industry, especially in one that is a traditionally male enterprise.

“Through the networking, professional growth, education and mentorship opportunities we will offer, I am excited to increase the number of C-suite executives in our growing industry.”

The vice-chair is Virginia Archibald, CFO at Surrette Battery in Canada.

Chris Pruitt, BCI president and president of East Penn Manufacturing, said the launch signalled a great opportunity for women to advance in the sector. “I’ve seen within my own company the power of diverse points of view from an inclusive workforce,” he said.

East Penn has been named one of America’s best employers for women by Forbes and Statista.