One used $20 note for our winner

One used $20 note for our winner

One used $20 note for our winner 150 150 Batteries International

October 7, 2021: The annual mystery of where the next European Lead Battery Conference will be held has resurfaced. What illustrious spot will Andy, Maura and their various cohorts choose as their venue for next September?

Last year the Covid crisis forced the popular event to go virtual so tipsters have mostly decided that the location will be southern Europe.

“With Europe opening up again they’re bound to go for somewhere warm,” said one former winner. “Ibiza is too common, so my guess is Torremolinos or Fuengirola.

“The Playa del Ingles should provide a perfect cultural backdrop for us good battery folk.”

Not all have been convinced. Another former winner reckoned Austria was once again a great capital city to hold the event. “It worked for me four years ago,” he said. “I’m going for it again.”

Have you any thoughts about the location? Send them to and the winner will receive a $20 note by return.